Monday, September 05, 2005


Welcome to my blog of Manchester United

I will start tallking about the history of the club.

Honours: Division One Champions: 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965, 1967. Premiership: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
European Cup: 1968,1999 European Cup-Winners' Cup: 1991 European Super Cup: 1991 FA Cup Winners: 1909, 1948, 1963, 1977, 1983, 1985, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999 League Cup Winners: 1992 Toyota Inter-continental Cup Winners: 1999
Managers: Alex Ferguson 06-11-1986 Present Ron Atkinson 01-06-1981 06-11-1986 Dave Sexton 14-07-1977 01-04-1981 Tommy Docherty 22-12-1972 03-07-1977 Frank O'Farrell 08-06-1971 19-12-1972 Matt Busby 28-12-1970 02-06-1971 Wilf McGuinness 10-08-1970 28-12-1970 Matt Busby 01-02-1945 08-06-1969 Walter Crickmer 01-08-1944 01-02-1945 Jimmy Porter 01-08-1938 31-05-1944 Scott Duncan 01-06-1932 01-09-1937 Walter Crickmer 01-04-1931 01-06-1932 Herbert Bamlett 01-04-1927 01-04-1931 Clarence Hildrith 01-10-1926 01-04-1927 John Chapman 01-10-1921 01-10-1926 John Robson 01-12-1914 01-10-1921 Ernest Magnall 01-09-1900 01-09-1912
Record attendance: 70,504 vs Aston Villa 27/12/1920 Division 1 (83,260 for United v Arsenal at Maine Road in 1948)
Record league win: 10-1 v Wolves 15/10/1892 Division 1
Record league defeat: 0-7 v Blackburn 10/4/1926 Division 1
Record league appearances: 606 Sir Bobby Charlton 1956/73
Record league goalscorer: 199 Sir Bobby Charlton 1956/73
Record transfer fee received: £25, 000 000 for David Beckham to Real Madrid July 2003
Record transfer fee paid: £30,000 000 for Rio Ferdinand from Leeds United July 2002

AS the world’s biggest and richest club, Manchester United reach a global fanbase.
Part of the attraction for fans around the world has been the football luminaries, such as George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton, who have graced the Old Trafford turf in a Manchester United shirt over the years.
Recently, Manchester United have continued to attract or develop some of the game’s biggest names, with England stalwarts such as Paul Scholes and David Beckham having been regular fixtures in the Reds line-up.
The Manchester United team, past and present, reads like a who’s who of world football.
It is only fitting that a great team should grace a great stadium. And with Old Trafford’s recent development and the closure of Wembley, the ground is easily the largest in English football, holding in excess of 60,000 fans.
Despite this capacity, the demand to see United in action is so great that tickets are hard to come by.
But it isn’t only Manchester United fans who flock to Old Trafford. The standard of the ground is such that it regularly hosts high-profile games, most notably, the Champions League Final and Great Britain rugby league games.
Rock fans have also made use of the Reds’ facilities, watching a number of high-profile acts at the ground.
But it’s football that will forever be synonymous with the Reds famous ground - and with good reason.
The last decade has seen Manchester United under the shrewd leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson maintain a virtual stranglehold on the Premiership crown.
Manchester United has won the league no fewer than 15 times in their history - eight times in the last 11 seasons. They are also Cup Kings too, winning the FA cup 10 times, the league cup once, as well as winning the European super cup, European cup winner’s cup, and twice being crowned European Cup champions.
Manchester United has long become a name associated with success both on and off the pitch.
As club profits continue to grow, Manchester United have become one of the richest sports clubs on the planet.
With supporters club branches on every continent, it’s hard to go any where in the world and not see somebody wearing the famous red shirt of Manchester United.

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